Campus Management is working with the Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences to deliver EZONE UWA Student Hub, an initiative which, once complete, will transform the western gateway to the Crawley campus.

Project overview
EZONE UWA will provide:

  • students with an unparalleled, engineering education experience
  • new teaching and interactive learning models
  • researchers with support to pursue solutions to the world's greatest challenges
  • interdisciplinary collaboration opportunities between engineering and other subject areas
In partnership with the project team, Campus Management is undertaking extensive spatial planning and engagement with the Faculty and other University stakeholders, including the Centre for Education Futures, to ensure EZONE UWA delivers a vibrant, innovative campus space with purpose-built yet flexible use facilities, to integrate research, education and industry engagement.

Utilising existing infrastructure – re-purposing and re-invigorating buildings – together with constructing new facilities will support UWA’s capacity to enrich the student experience, encourage greater collaboration, provide a world-class innovation hub and, in turn, contribute to the University’s mission of being in the world’s top 50 universities by 2050.

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Within the footprint of engineering buildings 222 (Environmental Systems Engineering), 223 (Mathematics), 224 (Engineering, Civil and Mechanical) and 226 (Electrical – Electronic Engineering), along the western boundary of the UWA Crawley campus, at Fairway.

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The initial brief for the project comprised smaller, separate stages which have now been integrated to deliver the built stage of EZONE UWA - a multi-stage construction and refurbishment program. The Student Hub of EZONE UWA will be the first component to be completed and is comprised of two stages - 1A and 1B.

Stage 1A consists of the refurbishment of existing buildings. The total project budget is $20 million.

Stage 1B is the first new building component of the vision for EZONE UWA. The total project budget is $60 million.

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The stage 1A refurbishments, scheduled to begin in 2016 and continue to 2018, will include the:

  • refurbishment of some existing Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences buildings
  • creation of new flexible teaching and research spaces
  • façade improvement program, linking architectural elements between existing and new buildings.
Stage 1B is the construction of the new building, scheduled for completion in 2020, and will be:
  • the first new building of EZONE UWA
  • a gross floor area of approximately 6,000m2
  • linked to building 222 (Environmental Systems Engineering) via a multi-level atrium space and connected on ground level into the campus.

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The University has appointed architects, Hassell to assist with the development of a Masterplan for EZONE UWA, recognising the precinct will form an integral part of the UWA campus.

The design of the internal spaces will aim to deliver the latest, flexible, fit for purpose laboratories, teaching and learning spaces for students, staff, the University and the wider community.

The design also proposes the integration of a large social hub in the form of large steps that rise up through the three storey void of the building. These learning steps offer spaces for quiet reflection and organised lectures. This space would form a social heart for the building and define and characterise a place of connectedness and collaboration.

Key considerations guiding the Masterplan

Connecting the campus – creating an engineering zone welcoming students, staff and visitors, enhancing connections between the Faculty and the campus, and the campus and the city, a place where industry, community and alumni can engage and share knowledge.

Street frontage – presenting the new EZONE UWA building to Fairway offers a front door to the Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences. Enhancing the existing entrance from Fairway into the University and reinforcing the idea of a welcoming western entry to campus, separating service vehicles from pedestrians.

Inside-out, outside-in – reinforcing the strong campus connection to landscape by blurring edges between the inside and out, and exploring the integration of landscaping elements within the building.

Inspired learning – inspiring and promoting those that encounter EZONE UWA. The act of learning, researching or teaching, or the act of knowledge transfer, being enhanced by the environment in which it is conducted.

Showcasing laboratories – locating flexible teaching laboratories and specialist laboratories throughout the buildings to promote the showcasing of experiments and significant research equipment.

Circulation – focusing horizontal and vertical circulation and connections through the central linking foyer/atrium space between the buildings, heightening activation of communal spaces and promoting strong visual connectivity.

Orientation – maximising solar control by orienting the mass of the building lengthways east-west on the campus.

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Forrest Hall - Artist Impression
Media and news

For the latest media releases and news visit EZONE UWA.

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Artist impressions

Images courtesy of Hassell Architects