The University's Commuting Surveys are used to collect data on our commuters transport methods and inform how UWA can provide reliable, sustainable and efficient transport modes to campus. 

The most recent Commuting Survey ran from 19 May until 10 June 2015 and built on similar surveys conducted in 2013, 2010 and 2003. 

Commuting Survey 2015 highlights 

The following table shows the use of each different type of transport as a proportion of total use as surveyed. The use of cars to travel to UWA has been steadily replaced by buses and cycling, and the change is bigger among students than staff.

Staff travel
Single Occupied Vehicle (SOV) and Carpool 64.1% 62.8%
Public Transport 15.3% 16%
Cycling 11.1% 12.2%
Walking 3.5% 3.3%

Student travel

Single Occupied Vehicle (SOV) and Carpool 42% 37.1%
Public Transport 34.6% 38.4%
Cycling 8.1% 8.9%
Walking 8.3% 8.2%
2015 Commuting Survey results
2013 Commuting Survey results
2010 Commuting Survey results

View results of the 2010 Active Commuting Study, conducted by the School of Population Health.