Campus Management

Campus Plan 2000

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Campus Plan 2000 was prepared by Gus Ferguson, with the assistance of Bill James, Consultant Landscape Architect, and Frank Roberts, University Architect.

Other plans

The aim of Campus Plan 2000 was to retain the ambience, beauty and functionality of the campus, and give scope for future development.

The plan provided clear guidance, while allowing flexibility and responsiveness to the complex and continual demands that are required of the campus.

Buildings in a landscape setting

The plan recognised that if the University was to continue to expand, and to retain the character of "buildings in a landscape setting" to which people had become accustomed, then expansion paths beyond the campus needed to be identified.

The 2000 plan identified an expansion of the traditional campus pattern of buildings and green spaces westwards to Broadway in the northern portion of the campus and to Fairway in the southern portion of the campus.

Pedestrian and street networks

While the intent of the plan was to develop a strong pedestrian network, the plan also indicated a partial retention of the street network in recognition of the need to grow the campus incrementally as landholdings adjacent to the campus were acquired and consolidated.

Access and parking

The other notable features of the 2000 plan were the introduction of a numerical parking cap of 4250 parking bays, (which followed State Government strategies), and the proposal to increase public transport and other alternatives to parking.