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A beautiful campus

A university campus is a place where tomorrow’s leaders, educational excellence and communities connect.

UWA’s Crawley campus is renowned for its heritage and contemporary architecture and for landscaped grounds that see the campus acknowledged as one of the most beautiful in the world.

An admired campus

UWA features in the ‘Top Universities worth travelling abroad’ list on Trip Advisor. The list profiles university’s that feature ‘jaw-dropping architecture, flawless grounds, and must-see attractions’.

The University has also featured in the 2012 top 17 Universities profiled in Travel and Leisure. The international publication University Planning and Architecture highlights UWA as being one of the top 29 university’s globally, representing excellence in strategic planning and architecture.

Community feedback

At UWA's Open Day, we asked people what they love about the Crawley campus. Here’s just a few examples of why it is admired:

There is an amazing sense of community. It is a town mixed with a family.

Proximity to city, natural environment, beautiful buildings, open space and great community.

It’s the most BEAUTIFUL campus in Australia.

I love the UWA campus because it is spacious and peaceful to have a walk around.

The University aspires to be in the top 50 universities in the world by 2050. Among the objectives, goals and priorities required to achieve this vision, is the ongoing development of the campus and its environment.