Campus Management

Current projects

Current projects can range from student accommodation, academic or administrative facilities on campus, to facilities for the wider community developed in other areas of the Perth metropolitan area or in regional areas.

UWA Energy Carbon Neutral project
The University is committed to developing new programs and improving existing ones to make its activities more cost-effective and environmentally efficient.
Forrest Hall - Stage 2
Planning is underway on stage 2 of Forrest Hall, which will sit alongside the existing Forrest Hall building. Stage 2 will include short-stay accommodation, administration space, and landscaping designed to give improved public access to the river foreshore.
Location:  South-west of the existing Forrest Hall building (corner of Mounts Bay Road and Hackett Drive), Crawley campus
Architect: Kerry Hill Architects
Project Manager: Kate McLean, Project Manager Major Projects, Campus Management
Indigenous Studies building
Campus Management is working with the School of Indigenous Studies to design and build a brand new purpose-built facility for students and staff.
Location: Crawley campus, Hackett Drive frontage, south of Prescott Court
Architect: Kerry Hill Architects
Contractor: TBA
Estimated start date: early-mid 2019
Project Manager: Chris Binks, Project Manager, Campus Management
EZONE UWA Student Hub
EZONE UWA is a multi-stage vision, designed to provide new and significantly upgraded teaching and research infrastructure at UWA and deliver innovative solutions in the fields of engineering, computing and mathematics.
Project: Student Hub
Location: Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, Crawley campus
Architect: Hassell and Ferguson Architects
Estimated start date: 2016 (refurbishments only)
Project Manager: Merv Shortt, Manager, Major Projects, Campus Management and Stewart Green Smith, NS Projects
Shenton Park campus
The Shenton Park campus site lies in close proximity to the UWA Crawley campus, the Perth CBD and key employment, transport, recreation and community facilities and infrastructure. It represents a significant asset for the city and the state and it is uniquely placed to develop positive partnerships with a wide-range of neighbouring stakeholders.
UWA Landscape Vision
Campus Management has begun work on a new UWA Landscape Vision, providing framework to guide future soft and hard landscape projects across the Crawley campus.
Location: Crawley campus
Landscape architect: UDLA
Project Manager: Ingrid Harse, Planning and Design, Campus Management


Wayfinding Project
The University is currently developing a fit-for-purpose, innovative and dynamic wayfinding system designed to improve the experience of all visitors to UWA.
Location: All campuses