The Shenton Park campus is in close proximity to the UWA Crawley campus, the Perth CBD and key employment, transport, recreation and community facilities and infrastructure. It represents a significant asset for the city and the state and it is uniquely placed to develop positive partnerships with a wide range of neighbouring stakeholders.


For more than 100 years, UWA has owned a tract of land that crosses from Mt Claremont into Shenton Park. The land was vested to the University by the State Government under the 1904 Endowment Act and has been zoned for development since the 1960s.

The 118 hectare landholding supports a unique mix of sporting, community, education and research activities including the UWA Sports Park, HBF Stadium and the UWA Field Station. These landmarks are important hubs visited by thousands of people each year for work and recreation.

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Development and conservation project

In 1904, the State Government granted The University of Western Australia 118 hectares of land crossing from Mount Claremont to Shenton Park, with the specific intention that the University develop and sell the land to fund the University's educational activities.

Since 1998 the University has been actively endeavouring to gain planning and environmental approval in order to fulfil this endowment obligation set by State Parliament.

Proposed development and conservation

Shenton Park

Lot 4 Underwood Avenue, Shenton Park

On the eastern portion of this site the University is proposing to:

  • develop a 12.1-hectare residential estate;
  • create a continuous 13.9-hectare conservation area; and
  • create 3.1 hectares of public open spaces.

The purpose of the development is to release capital to the University’s Endowment. Any capital will be invested and the interest applied to the education of the Western Australian community.

The remaining area is affected by odour from the Subiaco Wastewater Treatment Plant. This area does not form part of the University's development and conservation proposal, and will continue to be used for University purposes.

The western portion of the site is used as part of the University Field Research Station, which forms a critical part of the University’s operations.


The highest quality bushland will be retained for conservation, passive recreation and habitat corridors with a view to protect the native flora, vegetation and fauna values on the site.

Residential development and zoning

The residential area will be developed to create single residential lots in addition to grouped housing sites, with a total of approximately 300 dwellings. This residential development will provide a unique opportunity for the wider community to source new housing opportunities.

Appropriate zonings have been in place for more than 60 years to facilitate a residential development.

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UWA Sports Park

UWA Sports Park is located in Mount Claremont. The precinct is split among a number of owners, the largest of which is The University of Western Australia, which holds 56 hectares of endowment land. Part of this area is leased to the State Government through the Western Australian Sports Centre Trust (VenuesWest), which operates HBF Stadium. The State Government holds 29.7 hectares, including AK Reserve.

UWA Sports Park has a vision for the development of a Western Australian sports home base, providing facilities for training, playing, research, health and fitness, spectator events and sports business growth to benefit the whole community.

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UWA Sports Park Masterplan

Campus Management in association with UWA Sports is currently developing the UWA Sports Park Masterplan to improve amenity throughout the 54 hectare site and develop it as a node for state, national and international sporting excellence, sports health, medical education, research and associated activities.

The main objectives of the masterplan:

  • An extensive understanding of the requirements of all key stakeholders and relevant sporting clubs.
  • A Services Infrastructure Plan showing existing and proposed requirements. This would include information gathered from Campus Management about gas, grey-water easements, sewer, water, communications, underground power, substations and irrigation lines.
  • The provision of a masterplan to inform and guide future developments at the UWA Sports Park, planning for the needs of the University, its students and its sporting clubs.
  • Addressing the ability to respond to funding opportunities and partnerships as they arise. 

UWA Sports Park is a significant and strategic sports, health and research precinct. The UWA Sports Park Masterplan is an initiative of Student Life and Campus Management to support the University's development of UWA Sports Park to achieve its vision as a Western Australian sports home base, to benefit the University and the students of the University.

Location: Mount Claremont
Consultant: TPG Town Planning, Urban Design and Heritage and ABV - A Balanced View Leisure Consultancy Services
Estimated completion: August 2016
Project Manager: Ingrid Harse, Project Manager Planning and Design, Campus Management

For further information contact Ingrid Harse.

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UWA Shenton Park Field Station project

Following the fire which occurred on the University’s landholdings at Shenton Park, there has been a focus on improving the safety of the site, including staff working at the Shenton Park Field Station.

Initial improvements and works were undertaken in 2015 (stage 1) to cleanup the site and buildings, and remove items damaged by the fire.

Stage 2 of the identified works is currently underway, with the following activities anticipated for completion in September 2016:

  • Improved lighting on site
  • Turning area for vehicles
  • Improved security card access to identify authorised personnel
  • New kerbing
  • Electronic gate/ access
  • Minor road repairs within the site
  • New fencing within the site

Impacts that may be experienced during the works
  • A level of intermittent noise associated with machinery used throughout the works
  • Temporary internal road closures (alternate access via the north-south road will be available – notice will be given prior to the road closure)

Project Manager: Geraldine Tan, Campus Management

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UWA Shenton Park lighting upgrade

A lighting upgrade is planned for the football, soccer and rugby fields at UWA Sports Park. The new lighting will deliver 100 lux of lighting across the fields, making them suitable for semi-professional teams to train at night.

Further details here. 

The project is partially funded by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

The State Government, through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries - Sport and Recreation, is a major supporter of community sport and recreation facilities in Western Australia. Sport and recreation builds stronger, healthier, happier and safer communities. When we play sport our whole community wins.

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Location: Mount Claremont
Estimated completion: August 2019
Project Manager: Chris Binks, Project Manager, Campus Management

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