Over the past decade or so the concept of wayfinding has evolved from basic sign design and location to include architecture, urban, planning, graphic, interior, industrial and information design.  In some cases it includes a considerably more complex system informed by technological advances, with increasing pressure to create more sustainable urban environments which are responsive to a faster paced society.  For example, online mapping systems have dramatically altered the way in which people move from place-to-place within urban environments.

The University is currently developing a fit-for-purpose, innovative and dynamic wayfinding system designed to improve the experience of all visitors to UWA. The University’s wayfinding project will make it easier for students, staff and visitors to find their way across the Crawley campus, and will create a new signage system for use across all UWA campuses and properties.

Driving the project is a desire to ensure that campus users are presented with clear and consistent directional signage. A series of new progressive primary, secondary and tertiary signs will take the place of existing signage. The new signs will ensure that campus users are presented with information when they need it and can make use of it.

The first stage of the project involved a strategic assessment of existing wayfinding processes and how people are navigating our Crawley, Claremont and Albany campuses. This work was completed in 2017 and in February 2018, a development application for new signage was lodged with the City of Perth.

Project enquiries

For further information relating to this project, contact Rebecca Cameron.