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Policy on alterations to university buildings

National safety legislation

UWA Asbestos Management Plan

Campus Management works closely with the University community to ensure that our facilities are designed, constructed and maintained as safe and welcoming places to work, study and visit.

  1. Integrated approach
  2. Responding to infrastructure hazards
  3. Work area access permit
  4. Contractor safety management
  5. Managing asbestos and other hazardous materials
  6. Safety alerts

Integrated approach

In achieving this outcome, Campus Management has adopted an integrated approach to building a 'best practice' safety culture and framework in accordance with national legislative requirements.

A key part of this approach is working collaboratively with all our stakeholders and the wider University community in the safe design of new buildings and refurbishment of existing buildings, and maintenance of existing facilities. This is reflected in our workplace health and safety management system, which promotes a proactive safety culture that is championed by leadership, supported by a safety framework and integrated into planning, throughout the project lifecycle and ongoing operational control.

Further information on the management of health and safety issues and procedures is available at Safety, Health and Wellbeing.

Responding to infrastructure hazards 

We can assist you with the following hazards:

  • Trip, slip and fall hazards
  • Tree branches and other falling debris
  • Doors and wall
  • Asbestos and other hazardous materials
  • Soil contamination
  • Electrical, gas and water service issues
  • Hot works and fire hazards
  • Air conditioning complaints
  • Lighting
  • Lift breakdowns
  • Parking and vehicle hazards
  • Noise and dust issues
  • Aggressive and abusive behaviour
  • Inclement weather
  • Biological and hygienic hazards
  • Mould and air quality
  • Cranes and hoists
  • Unsafe use of power tools
  • Entry into confined spaces
  • Unsafe excavations and penetrations

If you require an immediate response to infrastructure hazards, contact Client services on 6488 2025.

Notification of infrastructure hazards

The above hazards, and any incidents arising from these hazards, must be formally reported to UWA Safety and Health in accordance with the Notification and investigation procedures.

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Work area access permit

Staff, contractors and consultants involved with capital works, alterations and maintenance that may involve or have the potential to disturb hazardous materials, including asbestos, on University sites, must obtain and complete the Work area access permit before proceeding with work. This permit forms part of the job request.

The purpose of this permit is to ensure these hazardous materials are not disturbed or in the case of demolitions, removals or other works where disturbance is necessary, that the work is undertaken under the required controlled conditions.

The University Asbestos Materials Register must be referenced as part of this process. To access the register, contact Client services on 6488 2025.

Contractor safety management

Contractors, subcontractors and their workers must comply with the following policy and processes.

Determining workplace health and safety management requirements

  • Contractor workplace health and safety requirements will be established at the Tender Stage and confirmed at the commencement of contract through either a workplace health and safety gap analysis or by way of project start-up meetings.

Prior to contractors commencing work

  • Contractor workplace health and safety management will be in accordance with legislative requirements, comparable with the scope of works and the level of risk involved. The contractor will be notified of all site inspections regime and incident management requirements at the commencement of the contract.
  • The University’s Workplace Health and Safety Policy and Contractor Safety Management Procedures must be followed at all times.
  • Have completed the University's contractor safety induction prior to commencing work on any University site.
  • If work involves hot-works or entry into confined spaces, have completed the Contractor permit to work, Hot works permit and Entry into confined spaces permit.

Ongoing contractor requirements

  • Campus Management is responsible for monitoring contractor safety management as part of the project life-cycle and operational controls.

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Managing asbestos and other hazardous materials

  • Before undertaking capital/minor works or alterations to UWA buildings, all staff, consultants and contractors must access the UWA Asbestos Materials Register. A copy is available by contacting Client services on 6488 2025
  • A Work area access permit must be completed for any works/alterations that have the potential to disturb hazardous materials.
  • All works or alterations to buildings that have a medium-to-very-high risk of disturbing hazardous materials will be required to be undertaken in accordance with the Asbestos Management Procedure and will require a Risk Management Plan to be developed by an accredited consultant (an asbestos assessor) and/or licensed hazardous materials contractor (an asbestos removalist).
  • In the case where asbestos containing materials have been disturbed, damaged or are deteriorating, the Asbestos Emergency Response Process must be followed.
  • Campus Management will fund the costs incurred for monitoring, testing, management and removal of asbestos during maintenance work. If during construction works, costs will be awarded to the project.
  • Staff who are concerned that asbestos or other hazardous material has been disturbed should make a report to the Campus Management Safety Officer to arrange monitoring, testing and remediation works.
  • Anyone who believes they have been exposed to asbestos fibres can request to have their details entered on the UWA Health Monitoring Record by contacting UWA Safety and Health

Responsible person Requirements
Campus Management Safety Officer
  • Maintain and make accessible the UWA Asbestos Materials Register for all buildings with identified asbestos containing materials (ACM).
UWA Works Managers
  • Review the UWA Asbestos Materials register and Maximo work orders for identifiaction of any ACM within the scope of works.
  • If ACM is identified raise a Work area access permit and send to Campus Management Safety Officer for processing.
Campus Management Safety Officer
  • Review scope of works and advise on asbestos removal and risk management procedures required.
UWA Works Managers
  • Notify occupants details of any asbestos related workds and access restrictions. Removal activities will be conducted in a way that minimises disruption to operations and at appropriate times with limited public exposure. Preferably on weekends or during University holidays.
Campus Management Safety Officer/UWA Works Managers
  • Oversee any required asbestos removals or implementation of risk management controls in accordance with legislative requirements and in consultation with the engaged independent competent persons and removalists.
Campus Management Safety Office
  • Arrange control and clearance monitoring by an independent competent person and report clearance to occupants when safe to reoccupy area.
  • Keep records of all asbestos related works and update the UWA Asbestos Materials Register.

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Safety Alerts

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