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Campus Management provides routine cleaning of University buildings and can meet additional cleaning requirements on a fee-for-service basis with our cleaning team of qualified staff or approved contractors in attendance.

Cleaning services

  • ISS Facility Service will provide comprehensive regular and periodical cleaning to buildings, including internal spaces and external elements such as building entries and outdoor covered walkways.
  • Special cleaning will be commissioned by Campus Management at additional rates.
  • Regular inspections and audits will be carried out by ISS Facility Services, UWA management and an independent auditor to ensure a high quality is maintained and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are met.

Waste services – internal to buildings

  • ISS Facility Services are responsible for the collection and disposal of waste located within and outside buildings.
  • Waste collection in common areas and 60 litre Bin Stations will occur on a daily basis as part of the general cleaning services provided within buildings.
  • All waste collected within building spaces will be placed into external bins by cleaning staff for daily collection.

Waste services - external to buildings

  • ISS Facility Services has partnered with waste service provider SUEZ to facilitate the collection and disposal of external general and commingled (mixed) waste bins.
  • Waste services will be provided to all buildings, except those where waste services are contracted independently.
  • ISS Facility Services and SUEZ will work with the University to implement best waste management practices and recycling strategies.

Cleaning and waste services outside the contract

Campus Management has negotiated fixed rates with ISS Facility Services for the provision of cleaning and waste services outside the contract specifications. Faculties and schools who independently procure cleaning and waste services are encouraged to take advantage of these competitive rates. Faculties and schools may request additional services at their own cost to support special events or other activities not included in the scope of works.

Further information

For further information on cleaning and waste services contact Campus Operations Cleaning.