Environmental sustainability at UWA

The University of Western Australia is planning to be an energy neutral campus by 2025

One of the University’s defining characteristics in its UWA 2030 vision is to ‘embed sustainability and fair-trade principles into the developmental and operational activities of the campus’; with a key pillar of the strategy being the creation of a more clean, green and sustainable campus.

UWA aims to reduce our environmental footprint by preserving the biodiversity of our grounds, preventing environmental impacts from our resource use, and preparing for climate change risks. These principles are guided by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.


Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2020

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Our goal is to develop a Biodiversity Management Plan by 2021.


  • Mitigate biodiversity risks
      • Reduce hard landscapes, tree removal and soil contamination
  • Enhance the landscape
  • Become a recognised Urban Forest
  • No net loss of biodiversity on campus beyond 2030

Community engagement:

  • The UWA Friends of the Grounds were established in 2000 to encourage the University community and also the wider Western Australian community to take an active interest in the grounds of the University as an important part of the heritage of this State.



Our goal is to be an energy carbon neutral campus by 2025 – which translates to net zero emissions from energy use by 2025.

  • Increase on-site and off-site renewables
  • Reduce Natural Gas usage
  • Reduce electricity usage
  • Focus on load balance through increased thermal storage, battery storage, and increased electric vehicle use

Priorities and Initiatives:

Energy initiative


Our vision is to produce net zero waste from 2030 and beyond.


  • Reduce waste generation by 10% by 2025
  • Increase diversion from landfill to 70% by 2025
  • Develop baseline measures and target for circularity 

Priorities and Initiatives:

Recycling and waste initiative

UWA Bin Locations [PDF, 415.9 KB]
Updated 26 Nov 2021


Our vision is to have a net water balance beyond 2030


  • 10% reduction in water use from all water sources by 2025
  • 20% reduction in scheme water use by 2025

Priorities and Initiatives:

Water initiative


Climate resilience

Our goal is to develop a climate resilience implementation plan by 2022. UWA has completed a Climate Change Risk Review identifying likely climate change scenarios, and now is working to embed a climate response into operations.


  • Workshop key risks with relevant sections of the University to inform the implementation plan
  • Mitigation strategies for climate change risks including floods, extreme temperature events, extreme rainfall, storms/cyclones, droughts, and bush fires

People and operations

Sustainable memberships
Sustainability on campus

Green Impact

Green Impact is a sustainability engagement program for staff, encouraging them to take sustainable actions in the workplace.

Student Guild Environment Department

Promotes sustainable change by providing a larger platform for students to engage with and advocate for environmental action.

Sustainable transport
  • Head to our transport webpage for more information on sustainable ways to travel to UWA; including catching public transport, walking and cycling.


Sustainable reporting
Sustainable campus dashboard

As part of the University's commitment to become energy carbon neutral by 2025, a public dashboard has been created transparency around energy usage on the Crawley campus. Visit the live dashboard.

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