Campus Masterplan 2020


The 2020 Masterplan is a shared vision that outlines a set of design initiatives around the physical planning of the University for the next decade and beyond.

It is a strategic framework that will guide and optimise the development of a sustainable and active campus, while leveraging off its physical and cultural setting, allowing flexibility in development solutions and an incremental approach.

Campus Plan 2010


The Campus Plan 2010 builds upon the Campus Plan 2000, taking into account changes in economic, social, environmental and governance over the past decade.

The focus was on 2010-20, but it also set the foundations for campus development into the future beyond 2020.

Campus Plan 2000


Campus Plan 2000 [PDF, 6.9 MB]
Updated 7 Apr 2014

The aim of Campus Plan 2000 was to retain the ambience, beauty and functionality of the campus, and give scope for future development.

The plan provided clear guidance, while allowing flexibility and responsiveness to the complex and continual demands that are required of the campus.

Campus Plan 1990


The objectives of the 1990 Campus Planning Review were to analyse the physical development of the Crawley campus with regard to planning, building design and landscape.

This analysis was required to determine whether the principles established in the 1955 and 1959 plans, and reinforced in the 1975 plan, were still valid and to nominate development options for the campus.