Permit to Work

Contractors working on UWA premises must have an Authority to Work and the correct high-risk permit to work. This ensures all work carried out at UWA is done so in a safe, structured and efficient manner, and that the contractor involved in the work has the correct qualifications, and is trained and competent to conduct the work.

In most cases, the contractor will need to complete and submit the below before commencing work on site:

  1. Contractor Pre-qualification: This ensures the contractor company has the proper insurances and WHS systems in place to identify and control safety risks.
  2. Authority to Work (ATW): This process assesses the level of risk (low risk or high risk work), producing an appropriate permit to come to site.

Both Contractor Pre-qualification and Authority to Work (ATW) processes are managed in UWA’s Rapid Global online system. Once on site, contractors will need to sign in, which shows their Authority to Work, and complete a local area safety induction.

The UWA staff member (Host member) responsible for hiring the contractor will arrange for the approval of the Safe Work Method Statement and Authority to Work.

Which contractors are exempt from needing Authority to Work?

Contractors are exempt from needing Authority to Work if they are working on Principal contractor-controlled sites (closed sites) or if they are ‘simple contractors’.

Principal contractor-controlled sites

Principal contractor-controlled sites (closed sites) follow UWA’s Capital Possession of Site process, which supersedes the requirement to apply for Authority to Work. Where Principal contractors need to conduct work outside their defined closed site boundary (working on UWA existing services and/or infrastructure) an Authority to Work must be raised by the principal contractor’s nominated representative.

Simple contractors

Simple contractors must be pre-qualified in Rapid Global but do not require Authority to Work. Simple contractors include those performing low-risk office-based labour hire (via the labour hire company); consultancy work such as design and audit; light package deliveries not requiring motorised mechanical aids; and work on behalf of UWA performed by vendors and stall operators.

Further information

View the full pre-qualification and Authority to Work process in the UWA Process Hub: Apply for contractor prequalification and complete contractor staff induction.

For more information, contact UWA’s Contractor Compliance team at [email protected]

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