Authority to Work

An Authority to Work permit is required prior to any works being undertaken on UWA buildings or works that involve fixed electrical infrastructure and installations (equipment that is permanently wired to an electrical supply) or electrical works (maintenance, modifications, improvements, installation and removal work).

Why do I need an Authority to Work (ATW) permit?

An ATW permit is required to ensure all work carried out at UWA is done so in a safe, structured and efficient manner, and that the contractor involved in the work has the correct qualifications, and is trained and competent to conduct the work.

I am a contractor, how do I apply for an ATW permit?

Contractors must complete an ATW form and supporting documentation for all works they are contracted to complete, to the CM Responsible Person at least 48 hours prior to works scheduled to commence.

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Permit information

The University recognises that activities undertaken in certain environments can be inherently hazardous to the workers' safety and health.

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UWA permits

If you are employed by, or are contracting your services to, the University, permit documents provides access to a variety of standard procedures and permits.

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When do I need a Permit to Work?
Permits to work are required whenever there is a significant risk to safety and health during an operation, and where precise preparation of the site or plant and clear communications of procedures is needed to control the risk.
What do I do with my Permit?
If a Permit to Work is required the employee/contractor completes the Permit to Work form and submits to the Responsible Officer (typically a Maintenance supervisor).On completion of work the contractor returns the Permit to Work form to the Responsible Officer.
Contractor and project definition

Contractor: A person, organisation, their employees or a nominated representative engaged to carry out work for the University in a contract for service arrangement.

CM Responsible Person:  The CM Responsible Person is the primary person who is responsible for the review and approval of the Authority to Work permit. They are responsible for ensuring that personnel and/or contractors are compliant with the site rules.

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