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Completed projects

Find out about UWA's recently completed planning and development projects.

Masonic Hall refurbishment
Masonic Hall is a State Heritage listed building with historic significance. Used by the Freemasons (1935 to 2002), it has social significance as a venue for various community events through its history. The building will undergo much needed restoration works to the front façade and awning. Internal works will facilitate the creation of an innovation node for the community, dedicated co-working and meeting spaces.
Project: Masonic Hall
Location: Corner Stirling highway and Broadway
Architect: Lee Syminton Architect and John Flower Architects
Contractor: Western Projects
Works completed:  February 2018
Project Manager: Richard Brennand, Associate Director Maintenance and Operations, Campus Management
Forrest Hall
Forrest Hall is an exciting accommodation development on campus that has been designed to attract post-doctoral students and academics to Western Australia.
Location: Portion of car park 23 (corner of Mounts Bay Road and Hackett Drive), Crawley campus
Architect: Kerry Hill Architects
Contractor: JAXON
Works completed: June 2018
Project Manager: Kate McLean, Project Manager Major Projects, Campus Management and Cameron Stone, Insight Project Services
Commercial Masterplan
Campus Management has finalised work on a new Commercial Masterplan that focuses on improving services across UWA's metropolitan landholdings.
Location: Metropolitan UWA
Consultants: Brain and Poulter
Project Manager: David O'Brien, Urban Planning Manager, Campus Management
Arts Building refurbishment
The Arts Building and New Fortune Theatre project was undertaken in 2017.
Project: Arts Building ground-floor refurbishment
Location: Arts Building
Architect: John Flower Architects
Contractor: TBA
Works completed: December 2017 (offices); February 2018 (courtyard)
Project Manager: Garth Ilett, PMO Construction Superintendant Capital Works, Campus Management
Facilities improvement program
The University undertook a facilities improvement program to deliver significant improvements to central teaching facilities (CTF) and toilet/washroom amenities campus-wide.
Project: CTF and toilet/washroom amenities refurbishment
Location: Various, Crawley campus
Architect: Ferguson Architects
Contractors: Western Projects, Westside Commercial Interiors and W. Fairweather and Son Pty Ltd
Works completed: December 2017
Project Manager: Rob Aynsley, Turner and Townsend Thinc
Law Library refurbishment
This was the first stage of the Law Library project which involved a partial refurbishment of the ground-floor.
Project: Law Library refurbishment stage 1
Location: Law Building, Crawley campus
Architect: Ferguson Architects
Works completed: August 2017
Project Manager: Kate Inglis, Project Officer, Campus Management
J. Robin Warren Library refurbishment
A project to revitalise the J. Robin Warren Library has been designed to best meet the needs of current and future UWA medical and dental students.
Project: J. Robin Warren Library refurbishment
Location: J. Robin Warren Library, QEII Medical Campus, Monash Avenue, Nedlands
Architect: Hames Sharley Architects
Contractor: Hoskins Contracting Pty Ltd
Works completed: June 2018
Project Manager: Garth Ilett, PMO Construction Superintendant Capital Works, Campus Management and Rob Aynsley, Turner and Townsend Thinc
Business School first floor refurbishment
The Business School simulated trading and analysis centre project is a purpose built facility that provides students with a simulated financial environment. 
Project: Financial Markets Trading Room
Location: UWA Business School
Architect: John Flower Architects
Contractor: Western Projects
Works completed: September 2017
Project Manager: Garth Ilett, PMO Construction Superintendant Capital Works, Campus Management
Physics liquid nitrogen tank relocation project
The Physics liquid nitrogen storage tank project is designed to improve the security and safety surrounding the bulk storage facilities for liquid nitrogen and helium gas/liquid on campus.
Project: Physics liquid nitrogen tank relocation and storage
Location: Physics Building 245 storage yard
Contractor: National Projects
Works completed: June 2017
Project Manager: Garth Ilett, PMO Construction Superintendant Capital Works, Campus Management.
UWA Recreation and Fitness Centre foyer refurbishment
The UWA Recreation and Fitness Centre foyer refurbishment has provided an improved and welcoming central hub for all.
Location: Crawley campus
Works completed: December 2016
Relocation of Crawley campus substation
Location: UWA Crawley campus
Works completed: November 2016
Architect: Ferguson Architects
Project Manager: James Wun, Project Manager Engineering Services, Campus Management and Western Australian Electric Power Services
Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre
Location: UWA Crawley campus
Works completed: October 2016
Architect: Ferguson Architects
Project value: $62m
Physics lobby refurbishment
Project: Physics Building lobby refurbishment
Location: Physics Building, Crawley campus
Works completed: October 2016
Five-lane pool refurbishment
Project: Five-lane pool refurbishment
Location: Human Movement - School of Sports Science, Crawley campus
Works completed: September 2016
Reid Library refurbishment
The Reid Library refurbishment program is one of UWAs most innovative and exciting refurbishment projects-to-date, with one of the busiest student buildings about to undergo a major facelift.
Location: Reid Library, Crawley Campus
Architect: Schin Architects
Works completed: September 2016
Functionality, condition and utilisation audit
Campus Management undertook an audit of more than 500 rooms (approximately 10 per cent) across the Crawley campus.
Location: Crawley campus
Consultants: Hames Sharley
Works completed: July 2016
Project Manager: Denyse McCulloch, Project Manager Design, Campus Management
University Club
Campus Management oversaw the refurbishment of The University Club Restaurant and Lounge Bar. The result of the refurbishment is a more open, fresh and contemporary space for members and their guests.
Location: University Club of Western Australia, Crawley campus
Architect: spaceagency: architects
Works completed: February 2016
Watermans Bay Marine Centre
Location: Watermans Bay Marine Centre, Watermans Bay Western Australia
Works completed: September 2015
Architect: Ferguson Architects
Project value: $12.4m
Hackett Hall
Project Room
Campus Management coordinated the design and implementation of the project, which has transformed the eastern wing of Hackett Hall into collaborative, open and vibrant spaces for teaching and learning.
Location: Eastern-side of Hackett Hall, Crawley campus
Completion: September 2015
Architect: Schin Architects
Contractor: Western Projects
Award: Commendation in the City of Subiaco 2016 Heritage Conservation and Sustainable Building Awards
The University Club Cafe refurbishment
University Club
Following an extensive refurbishment, The University Club Café and Bar now features contemporary and spacious interiors specifically designed to deliver a more efficient and enjoyable service to customers.
Location: The University Club, Crawley campus
Completion: February 2015
Design concept: Cocoon
Shopfitters: Clarke Interiors
Student Services Hub refurbishment
The University has completed the refurbishment of the 1960's era ground floor of the Sir George Currie Hall at University Hall to create a vibrant Student Services Hub for the residents of University Hall.
Location: University Hall
Completion: February 2015
Architect: Hassell
Central teaching facilities
University Hall lantern entrance
This project has delivered refurbishments which have upgraded the quality and flexibility of some of the University’s central teaching facilities.
Location: Ross and Clews Lecture Theatres, Physics Buildings and Rooms G60, G61 & G62, Arts Building
Completion: February 2015
Architect: Ferguson Architects
Contractor: Western Projects

Student Services Precinct

The refurbishment of the Student Services Precinct has integrated the inquiry counters, service delivery and expert staff into a single contact point for students and staff.
Location: Crawley campus
Completion: December 2014
Architect: Ferguson Architects
CO2 Research Facility
University Hall lantern entrance
UWA has recently constructed a world-class carbon storage research facility, an important component of Australia's national efforts to achieve a carbon-reduced resources and energy economy.
Location: Crawley campus
Completion: August 2014
Architect: Ferguson Architects
Builder: PS Structures
Project value: $9m
University Hall - new student accommodation development
University Hall lantern entrance
UWA constructed new, high quality, self-contained student accommodation on campus.
Location: Winthrop Avenue, Crawley
Completion: Completed Semester 1, 2013
Architect: Hassell
Builder: Probuild
Green attributes: Targeted principles associated with sustainability and accessibility
Community Clinical School at Joondalup Health Campus
Community Clinical School
The Community Clinical School is a purpose-built specialist teaching and learning facility, jointly funded through a private-public partnership.
Location: Joondalup Health Campus, Joondalup
Completion: July 2013
E-learning suites
Community Clinical School
This refurbishment project delivered e-learning suites for multiple use for the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences.
Location: QEII
Completion: July 2013
Architect: John Flower
Project value: $5.8m