The Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre is a collaboration that brings together four of Australia's leading research organisations working in and around the Indian Ocean:

Key design features

The collaboration includes developing new multi-disciplinary research teams and creating a graduate training environment that will significantly advance Australia's marine science capacity, capability, and profile.

The refurbishment of the Watermans Bay Marine Centre has delivered the Indian Ocean's first seawater facility for broad marine research, which commenced in May 2014 and was completed in September 2015.

  • A new roof to ensure the building is water-tight
  • Improving the overall appearance and landscape around the facility
  • Improvements for the buildings' environmental performance
  • Cleaning and anti graffiti treatment to the exterior of the facility which will refresh the building
  • Upgrades to the internal marine culture facilities, laboratories and offices
  • The installation of new security features

Project contact

Chris Binks, Project Manager Major Projects, Campus Management


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