University Hall entrance and landscape

The priority for the landscape design was to create a university in a park environment for all students to enjoy.

Featuring generous open spaces, courtyards, sunken gardens, mass plantings and low limestone walls and grey paving, the landscape echoes the beauty and heritage of the University.


Playing a vital role in the overall design, the landscaping:

  • includes more than 8,000 carefully selected trees and plants, including native banksias, grevilleas, kangaroo paws, frangipanis, violets and tree ferns
  • strengthens connections to the Crawley campus and other residential colleges
  • encourages student interaction and creates an environment that encourages a high quality student experience
  • features timber reclaimed from the site and incorporated as external seating, benches and decking.

Active and passive recreation spaces

University Hall quadrangleThree major courtyards give students a variety of spaces for quiet study or active sports. 

The northern and southern courtyards have dedicated outdoor study areas with seating and shade. The central courtyard maintains its large square of turf for active recreation and events.

A new basketball half court has also been installed.

Encouraging student interaction

More seating, banquet tables and informal meeting places were built into the landscape for students to get together.

In the southern courtyard, a series of five metre long banquet tables creates an ideal gathering area for picnics, meetings or study groups.

Connecting to the University

The underpass at the corner of Stirling Highway and Mounts Bay Road is being renewed with formal pathways, seating and new plantings set to enhance this gateway to the Crawley campus.

Students are also able to access University Hall via recycled jarrah deck connecting the public transport services on Mounts Bay Road directly to the new ground floor cafĂ©.