Campus Management

Context: Planning

Planning history – the campus over time

Planning has been a key feature of the growth and development of The University of Western Australia since its establishment in 1911, it’s acquisition of the Crawley land in 1914 and its permanent move to the Crawley site in 1929.

In 2000, Gus Ferguson, with Bill James (Consultant Landscape Architect) and Frank Roberts (University Architect), recognised that if the University was to continue to expand, and maintain the character of ‘buildings in a landscape setting’ then expansion beyond the campus would be needed.

The aim of the Campus Planning Review 2000 was to retain the ambience, beauty and functionality of the campus, and give scope for future development.

Some actions that have been initiated or implemented since the 2000 plan are:

  • Campus structure - work with the City of Subiaco and the Western Australian Planning Commission to pursue an amendment to Council’s Town Planning Scheme No. 4 in the relevant precincts west of the campus to Broadway. Secure land use zoning and other control mechanisms compatible with appropriate redevelopment of these precincts.
  • Traffic, parking and access - avoid the concentration of vehicles in multi-level car parks on the main campus. Consider naturally ventilated car parks under new buildings where appropriate and ground levels permit.
  • Environmental qualities - maintain the established character of courtyarded low-scaled buildings set in an open landscaped campus.
  • Building sites - develop an example of residential buildings enclosing a communal landscaped court on properties owned by the University between Caporn and Everett Street.

Since the Campus Planning Review 2000

The 2000 Plan provided flexibility and responsiveness to the complex and continual demands that are required of the campus. The 2000 Plan has been used to locate significant developments across the campus over the past decade including the construction of:

  • Ken and Julie Michael Building (March 2003);
  • Bayliss Building (January 2005);
  • Water Sports Complex Building (May 2005);
  • The University Club of Western Australia (February 2005);
  • Business School (Stage 1 – February 2009, Stage 2 – May 2009);
  • Expansion of St George’s College (Stage 1 – November 2007, Stage 2 – April 2010);
  • Sciences Library (Stage 1 – June 2009, Stage 2 – February 2010).

The capital development on Crawley campus over the past 10 years has demonstrated a need to ensure flexibility within any future campus plans. The constant review and questioning of the principles has led to better design solutions and highlighted the need for a less prescriptive campus plan with more emphasis on principles.

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