Campus Management

Vice-Chancellor's Campus Plan 2010 Steering Committee

The role of the Committee was to prepare a planning document for approval by The University’s governing body, the Senate.

The committee was appointed in November 2009 and considered:

  • Planning and design principles – the cultural, architectural, heritage and landscape values, that have underpinned the quality of the Crawley campus since its establishment;
  • The development on the Crawley campus and adjoining landholdings over the last decade, and the physical development since Campus Planning Review 2000;
  • Physical planning outcomes needed to support the University’s vision, strategic plan and operational priorities into the future;
  • Government and other external policies and strategies impacting on the campus plan;
  • The requirement to ensure there are sufficient land and buildings to accommodate teaching, research and related needs over the next decade; and
  • Placing the University in best physical planning advantage to meet external, often unforeseeable situations over the next 50 years.

Thank you to all of those who gave their time and expertise in contributing to The Plan.


The Committee comprised of:

By Invitation:

Executive Officer:

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