Campus Management

Development Plan: Precincts and Commentaries

Campus directional signs

The land referred to as “the campus” refers to and is zoned under the Metropolitan Regional Scheme for University Purposes. It also includes adjacent areas that have either high levels of University ownership, or are used for University related purposes, or may determine the planning outcomes within the campus.

The Crawley campus consists of properties listed in Appendix B. It includes the area between the Crawley campus and Broadway, where more than 40 per cent of the land is owned by The University of Western Australia.

The University acknowledges that there are many other landholders in this area. Nevertheless, this area is included in the campus plan to provide an indication of how the land could ultimately be developed.

The Plan signals the University’s direction for its land holdings within the area and provides information for private landowners, who are respected as neighbours.

The Development Plan

The Development Plan incorporates five campus precincts and identifies likely and future development across the campus.

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