Campus Management

Nedlands Precinct

The Nedlands Precinct encompasses the UWA Nedlands Campus, where the Faculties of Architecture, Landscape and Fine Arts, and Education are currently located.

The site has frontage onto Hampden Road and Stirling Highway, and is bounded by Gordon Street to the north and Clifton Street to the west.

The University’s Nedlands site is recognised as being under-utilised and there is an opportunity increase density on the site, especially along the Stirling Highway and Hampden road frontages. This site has the opportunity to act as a Town Centre to the wider area with a mixed use, commercial development providing services for a growing UWA/QEII activity centre.

Upper-level connections between new buildings on the Nedlands site bridging across Stirling Highway and Hampden Road are planned, linking higher new developments at the Stirling Highway/Broadway intersection.

To read more about this precinct, refer to the below extract from the Campus Plan 2010 document.