Campus Management


Winthrop Hall

The University of Western Australia acknowledges that its campus is situated on Noongar land, and that Noongar people remain the spiritual and cultural custodians of their land, and continue to practice their values, languages, beliefs and knowledge.

The Campus Planning Review 2010 (the Plan) guides the physical planning of the University. The Plan is the key tool to guide the University in its decisions on the functional layout and future development of the Crawley campus.

The Plan builds upon the 2000 Campus Planning Review (2000 Plan), taking into account changes in economic, social, and environmental contexts over the past decade.

The focus is on the decade 2010 – 2020, but the Plan also sets the foundations for campus development through to 2060. It seeks to provide a continuity of the planning ethos that has underpinned the development of the University.

The Plan is firmly focused on the future, creating flexibility to meet needs and opportunities that will arise as the campus develops further. In this context, it is important to recognise that some of the most appreciated features of the campus were considered bold and controversial when they were first proposed.

Changes to the funding of universities, along with greater emphasis of sustainability, frame the structure of this document. As a result this plan is quite different from the 2000 Campus Planning Review, with future development based much more on a contextual background and a more flexible, principles-based approach.

There is more emphasis on a series of layered principles which highlight where growth can occur. Essentially the Plan provides a greater degree of flexibility in the planning and design of the Crawley campus without compromising the attributes that make the campus such an enjoyable place in which to learn, work and live.