Campus Management

Principles and recommendations

The Campus Plan 2010 provides for flexibility in the design and planning of the Crawley Campus, while maintaining the attributes that make the campus such an enjoyable place to learn, work, live and engage.

When examining the Crawley Campus, it is important not to limit the area under consideration to the original campus buildings. The University of Western Australia has actively purchased property around the campus since the 1960s with the campus expanding and merging into the community.


Underpinning the Campus Plan 2010 are the inclusions of universal access, occupational health and safety, and compliance to design and statutory requirements.

Each of the key elements that have an impact on the campus is examined independently with a series of principles proposed.

Principles will guide development to ensure the University develops sustainably, while retaining the amenity that is enjoyed by students, staff and the community.

The principles are:

In addressing these principles, there will be some repetition as they are relevant to more than one topic.
Future campus development may not be able to satisfy all principles and value judgements will need to be made by the University.